My Aeroflot lost luggage story

My Aeroflot lost luggage story

I arrived in Helsinki after a long flight. One that lasted for 12 hours from Ho Chi Minh city to Moscow then another one that was about 2 hours from Moscow to Helsinki.

I came to the luggage room and started waiting for my luggage.

After 30 minutes, there was this panic and uneasy feelings creeping in. I knew something was wrong with my luggage. They were not there. And they wouldn’t in that day, I just knew it…After having been on numerous flights, finally this day came. The day when my luggage was lost.

I came to the Service counter and asked the lady in the receptions about what I could do. She asked me for my information: my name, phone number, address and email. She also asked me to describe my luggage as detailed as possible, like what colors they are, what types they are (she showed me paper where there are pictures of different types of luggage, and asked me to pick the ones that are the most similar types to the ones I own), what brands, if there was anything on them…Then she gave me a paper with a tracking number where I supposedly could track my luggage status online.

I went home. The next day I got a text message saying that my luggage was located. The message also includes a flight number which I later found out that it’s the flight with the destination of my city Turku.

The day after that, I got a phone call from a lady in Turku airport. She asked if I would be home during 12-3pm that day. At 2 something a man pressed the bell of my apartment, and tada, my dear luggage has found its way home.

So in general, it was not a totally horrifying experience. Well at first it was, because I was panicking at the thought of losing all the dry Vietnamese food I brought with me ==’ But on the other hand, losing the luggage saved me from carrying them all around, they sure were not light. And I got them delivered to the front of my house, in 2-day time, so not too bad.

Lessons learned from this: Always carry the most necessary and important things in your carry-on luggage. For me, I luckily had my skincare products and all the electronic devices in my carry-on. You never know when airlines will betray you. But if they do, keep calm, what is yours will find a way to go back to you 🙂

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